15 Recipes For Valentine’s Day Dessert & Treats

15 Recipes for Valentine's Day Desserts & TreatsThe official countdown for Valentine’s day is ON! Whether you are looking for a dessert recipe or ideas for homemade treats, check out the list of our favourite recipes that fit the theme perfectly and are absolutely delicious – ♥♥♥ –

 1. White Chocolate Cranberry Mousse 

Lovely mousse in heart shaped white chocolate bowls with cranberry.White Chocolate Cranberry Mousse

2. Heart Macarons with Wings 

Adorable heart shaped macarons with white chocolate wings.Heart Macarons with Wings

3. I Heart Finnish Shrove Buns

Heart shaped sweet buns with jam and whipped cream filling.Heart shaped sweet buns with jam and whipped cream filling

4. Pink Berry & Choco Push Pops

Heart shaped push pop cakes in chocolate & berries flavours.Heart shaped pink berry and choco push pop cakes.

5. Chocolate Ice Cream Cake & Salty Caramelised Almonds

Heart shaped creamy chocolate ice cream cake.
Chocolate Ice Cream Cake & Salty Caramelised Almonds

6. Heart Shaped Orange Marshmallows

Soft flavourful marshmallows shaped into hearts.Heart Shaped Orange Marshmallows

7. Peppermint Bark Hearts

Beautiful & yummy heart shaped peppermint bark.Pappermint Bark Hearts

8. Heart Box of Chocolates Coffee Cake

Chocolate confections and delicious cake in shape of a heart box.
Heart Box of Chocolates Coffee Cake

9. Passion Fruit Emoticon Macarons

Express your feelings with tasty & cute emoticon macaron cookies!Passion Fruit Emoticon Macarons

10. Personal Mud Cake

Moist chocolate goodness made into a heart shaped individual cake.
Individual Heart Shaped Mud Cake

11. Sugarless Pink Coconut Cookies

Lovely coconutty cookies without added sugar.
Sugar-Free Pink Coconut Heart Cookies

12. Mini Rose Cupcakes

Rose flavoured mini cupcakes with rose buttercream frosting.Mini Rose Cupcakes

13. Raspberry & Milk Chocolate Heart Macarons

Heart shaped red macarons filled with milk chocolate ganache and raspberry jelly.Raspberry & Milk Chocolate Heart Macarons

14. Easy Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse

Creamy strawberry mousse with heart shaped strawberry decoration. Easy Strawberry Cream Cheese Mousse

15. Heart Patterned Roll Cakes

Cake rolls with creamy filling that’ll roll straight to the hearts.
Heart Patterned Roll Cakes

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