Confetti Cake Pops

confetticakepops2These cake pops were made from the cut off pieces and leftover frosting of Red Velvet USA flag cake

Ingredients (makes about 22 cake pops)

  • 325g cake crumbs
  • 80g cream cheese frosting
  • 120g white chocolate
  • 100g milk chocolate
  • colorful edible confetti


  1. Crumble your cake and mix it with the frosting starting with a spatula and eventually by hand until all incorporated.
  2. Take small portions of the mixture and make them into ball shapes.

    Here the cake balls are 20g each, diameter approximately 2.5 cm.
    Here the cake balls are 20g each, diameter approximately 2.5 cm.
  3. Place the cake balls in freezer for about 15 minutes.
  4. Prepare a holder stand for drying, I use egg cartons piercing holes using a toothpick and then pressing the holes bigger with a cake pop stick.
  5. Melt the chocolate in microwave or with a double boiler. If you use microwave make sure to use an appropriate container, preferably one that remains cool.edibleconfetti&whitechocolate

    In microwave I use defrost setting warming it 20 seconds then stirring, returning to the microwave for another 20 seconds and stirring again. I keep repeating these steps until the chocolate is smooth, shiny and completely melted.

  6. Place some edible confetti in a small bowl to have them handy for decorating.
  7. Take the cake balls out from the freezer, then insert a stick in each dipping the end of the stick first in your melted chocolate and then in the cake ball to create a stronger base for covering the balls.
  8. Carefully dip the cake balls in the chocolate, covering all the way reaching the base you already got.  Make the excess chocolate drip back, lightly tapping the hand you are holding the stick with helps, but do that only with the stick pointing horizontally not up/down as the ball might fall off.confettiandpop
  9. Sprinkle desired amount of edible confetti on top and put it in your cake pop holder to dry.confetticakepops
  10. Once they are completely dry cover in individual clear treat bags and refrigerate.


When kept in cold the chocolate cover keeps the cake moist and fresh for several days. I made these for an office Purim party and they ended pretty fast 🙂

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