Pink Berry & Choco Push Pops

pinkberryandchocopushI bought these heart shaped push pop containers couple months ago, this is the second time I’m using them, first time was to recreate our wedding cake in mini versions for our wedding day. These ones are made with cut off pieces of my recent cakes and other ingredients I had at home, pretty fast and tasty treats.


Steps are very simple, starting from cake pieces layer the fillings in the container until you reach the top then put the lid on and place in freezer for 20 minutes and after you can just push the cake all the way up and eat it from it’s base.

For the Pink Berry Push Pops

  1. Pink grapefruit cake
  2. Whipped cream and Philadelphia mousse
  3. Mixed forest berries and strawberries

For the Choco Push Pops

  1. Vanilla cake
  2. Chocolate and Philadelphia mousse
  3. Nutella hazelnut spread
  4. Extra crunchy chocolate balls on top







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